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Studienfahrt nach London


Erinnerungsfoto auf Schloss Windsor


Zwei neunte Klassen aus dem Ernestinum Gotha verlebten aufregende Tage in London


Am Sonntagabend, dem 19. April um 22.30 Uhr, ging es los. Nach etwa 10,5 Stunden Fahrt machten wir einen Zwischenhalt in Calais. Gegen 9 Uhr ging die Fahrt dann mit der Fähre weiter nach Dover. In Großbritannien angekommen, fuhren wir weitere 3,5 Stunden, bis wir schließlich um 13.00 Uhr unser Ziel erreicht hatten: das Wombat's City Hostel in London.

Der Dienstag begann mit einer dreistündigen Stadtrundfahrt durch London, wobei wir die bekanntesten Sehenswürdigkeiten der Stadt näher kennen lernten. Danach fuhren wir zum London Eye und genossen einen atemberaubenden Ausblick über London. Wir beschlossen dann spontan, noch in das British Museum zu gehen. Dort bewunderten wir viele verschiedene Ausstellungstücke der Weltgeschichte. So ging auch der zweite interessante und aufregende Tag viel zu schnell vorbei.

An unserem dritten Tag in London stand eine Ganztagestour nach Windsor an. Dort besichtigten wir das größte und älteste Schloss der Welt und gleichzeitig den Sitz der Queen: das Windsor Castle. Der krönende Abschluss des Tages war der Besuch des Musicals „Mamma Mia" im West End.

Am vorletzten Tag nahmen wir an einer Führung durch das Shakespeare Globe Theater teil. Am Freitag besichtigten wir den Tower of London auf eigene Faust. Das Highlight der Besichtigung waren die Kronjuwelen der Queen. Danach hatten wir Freizeit und somit die letzte Gelegenheit, um Souvenirs zu kaufen und Besorgungen für die Heimfahrt zu machen. Gegen 16 Uhr verließen wir London mit einem lachenden und einem weinenden Auge.

19.00 Uhr kamen wir am Hafen von Dover an, und 19.20 Uhr legte die Fähre Richtung Calais ab. Nach einer entspannten Busfahrt kamen wir 9.00 Uhr wieder in Gotha an. Jeder von uns wird mit Freude an diese schöne Zeit zurückdenken.


Selina Warstat und Emely Wenk lernen in der Klasse 9c

Our Class Trip to London in April 2015


From the 19th to the 25th of April we, the classes 9a and 9c, our class teachers Mrs Treppschuh and Mrs Greiner and of course our English teacher Mrs Brand, went on a trip to London to improve our English skills, do some sightseeing and learn more about the English culture and the “British Way of Life“.

It's a long tradition at our school and also a big highlight every year for all 9th graders.

We decided to go by bus and started our 16 hour ride on the 19th of April at 10:30 pm at our school. Everyone was already really excited when we met in the evening, but also very tired because we all knew it was going to be a night without much sleep. Our way lead us straight through Germany, Belgium and finally we stopped in France, where we took the ferry from the port of Calais to the port of Dover in England. From Dover we drove one and a half hour again until we finally ended up in London City on Monday at 2 pm; very tired, but really happy and excited for what might expect us the next few days. Our Hostel, the “Wombat's City Hostel“, was situated only a few streets away from the Tower Bridge, so we were very lucky to live that central. The Hostel also was very modern because it just got opened in November 2014. Everyone there was really friendly from the beginning and after we checked in, we were introduced into the rules we had to follow and important stuff that might be good to know, for example the breakfast times, by one of the receptionists.

After we moved to our rooms and got refreshed a bit, we decided to take the underground to explore Piccadilly Circus. We were immediately blown away by the beauty and the energy of this place and used our freetime there to walk around, take a lot of photos, shop some souveniers and enjoy the beautifully talented street musicians, who shared their talent with the people stopping by and listening to them for a while.

The weather was awesome, so we spent the whole afternoon there until we went back to the hostel in the evening, where everyone was falling asleep very soon, because of that eventful day.

We all agreed that we've had a breathtaking first impression of the beautiful London.



On Tuesday we woke up at 8 am and had breakfast around 9 am. Afterwards, at 10 am, we hopped on the coach, we arrived with, to go on a 3- hour- sightseeing tour through London. There were so many interesting and inspiring places and buildings to see, so that it's impossible to list them all. We saw Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, St. Paul's Cathedral, National Gallery and many more.  We heard a lot about the history of London, the most interesting sights, the Royal Family and the “British Way of Life“ from the tour guide who was with us. After some time we stopped at the“Royal Albert Hall“, which is situated next to Kensington Park with the“Royal Albert Memorial“, where we had some time to explore the area on our own and take a break in this park. The weather was just as good as on Monday, so we had a lot of fun walking around in the sun.

After we had finished our sightseeing bus tour at the London Eye at 1 pm , we had some freetime again to eat lunch or walk along the river Thames. At 3 pm we all met again to go on a ride in the London Eye. It was quite expensive to go on there, but I guess it was worth it because the weather was really nice and the sky was clear, so we had a fantastic view over the city. We all thought it was really nice to see such a huge city like London from a different perspective and overlook all the different buildings and parts of the town. Of course we took lots of photos again and were amazed by the variety of the city.

After our 30- minute- ride ended, we took the underground to the British Museum.

There we were devided in little groups and could decide, which exhibition we wanted to visit. The museum is really huge and there are many different eras displayed, for example the old Agypt or London copied by Austrlian artists with big pillars, which were painted with the famous Australian dot painting. One good thing is, that most of the exhibitions are even for free. You only have to pay for special or limited ones.

We spent our time there until the musuem got closed at 6 pm and afterwards we went straight back to the hostel, where we spent the evening evaluating the day and eat dinner together in our rooms, which we mostly bought in little supermarkets or restaurants near the hostel.



On the following day we had to get up earlier because we decided to do a full-day trip to Windsor Castle. It's the second home of the Queen, where she also spends a lot of time.Windsor Castle is situated in a town named Windsor and it is the oldest, inhabited castle of the world.

When we arrived there, we got some audio – guides and started our round tour, in little groups again. The whole castle was split into different sections and exhibitions. We visited the St. George's Chapel, the Doll House and the housing space of the different Kings and Queens who lived there a long time ago, back in the 19th century. We heard lots of interesting facts and were very impressed by the grandiosity and the royal glamour.

After we had finished our tour, we still had some time left, so we went to Windsor Town and ate the famous, british dish fish and chips. Also there was the famous, english sweets shop named “Hardy's“, so some of us bought the traditional, english sweets or some original Windsor black tea, which isn't really cheap, but it tastes very delicious with some milk, like the British people do.

After we've explored all the different shops, we went back to the bus in the afternoon to go back to London.

When we arrived at the hostel again, we didn't have much time, because we wanted to visit the musical “Mama Mia“ that evening. So we rushed into the bathrooms, got freshened up and met again at the reception a few minutes later. We were all very well dressed and excited because some of us have never been to a musical before. We took the underground to the West End and walked to the Novello Theatre, where the event took place.

The musical is about a girl, who wants to invite her father to her wedding. But there's a problem about it: There are three potential man, who could be the one! So she decides to invite all of them and starts a big chaos, because her mum didn't even know about that. The music of the musical is taken from songs exclusively sung by ABBA and it was just beautiful! We all had so much fun singing along and in the end everyone in the theatre stood up dancing and clapping to the rythm of the songs. There was a certain magic in the room and such a great energy around us. We were all so happy and agreed, that it was definitely the best night ever and that the actors did an amazing job.

Afterwards we walked along Leicester Square, which is absolutely stunning at night and took the tube back to our hostel at 10.30 pm.



On Thursday we went on a tour through Shakespeare's Globe Theatre. It already started at 10 am so we had to get up really early in the morning. A young woman lead us through the theatre, which was built in 1599. She told us, with a lot of humor, how the performances took place at that time and lots of other interesting facts about the building, actors and all the people behind the stage who help to create an unforgettable stage moment. It has got no roof, but even when it rained, the performances took place. Today there are even still some events in there.

After finishing our tour through the building, we had freetime the whole afternoon. We took the tube to Oxford Street and went on a huge shopping tour. It was fantastic but also very stressful because every shop was very crowded. But in London there are so many shops you can't find in German cities, so that was a really cool experience. Everyone bought lots of stuff and we went back to the hostel in the evening with full packed bags in each hand.

It was our last night in London, so some of us sat down in the bar of the hostel after having dinner, where we even had the chance to talk to a few people from different countries, which was very interesting and useful for our English skills too. We had lots of fun sitting there and talking about different topics.

When we woke up on Friday, we were all already sad, because we all knew it was going to be the last day in this beautiful city. We enjoyed our breakfast and than it was time to pack our bags. After we brought them into the luggage room, we went to the Tower Bridge, where we spent the morning. We walked through the old ruins and visited the tower to see the world – famous Crown Jewels. There are so majestic and of course unaffordable. We enjoyed the last few hours taking photos in front of the Thames and having lunch, until we sadly had to go back to the hostel, get our bags out of the luggage room and finally hop on our bus at 4 pm to make our way back to Germany. Again, it was a 16- hour- ride and we were back in Gotha on Saturday, the 25th of April at 10 am in the morning.

Now it was time to say goodbye to our friends.

We all had a very special time and gained unique experiences. I think we all can be really thankful for those few days and the time we spent together having so much fun in such a beautiful and world – famous city like London.


Hopefully we will get back soon!

Nina Bauer, 9c